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Brand shoe but have the aid of is Hungarian infiltrate European market
Kappa, Lv, beautiful... arrive from dress, luxury car,ed hardy, nanjing full ave can see European brand. And brand of how many China can Europe see again? A few days ago, hungarian Asia center holds in Nanjing " trade centre of Chinese brand product is recommended meeting " let foreign trade enterprise see business chance, chinese brand, even Jiangsu brand, Nanjing brand is OK have the aid of is Hungarian infiltrate European market. Market of middle east Europe has an opportunityOn the conference that day, chou Shaoming of deputy director general of bureau of collaboration of Nanjing city foreign trade economy expresses, of global banking crisis spread make our country enterprise faces unprecedented challenge, but also be the good luck with our country unprecedented enterprise. "Although cause market cake to narrow,consumption level is reduced, it is the chance that the Chinese product with reasonable price increases market share however. And we should open up new market,beats by dre australia, area of middle east Europe is right for most home company, it is a rising market. This area has 150 million population, average level of world of outclass of average consumption level, contain is worn tremendous consumptive potential. And the country such as Hungarian, Slovak from China import total is climbed ceaselessly litre. And the country such as Hungarian, Slovak from China import total is climbed ceaselessly litre.. Why to choose HungarianHungarian the heart region that is located in Europe, shed a condition by right of easy thing, can cover area of middle east Europe directly not only crowd of 150 million consumption, still can depend on country of European Union member positional radiate comes the European Union big market of 450 million population. Hit out European market, be in place to establish a branch is very necessary apparently, this waits for serious problem to local policy and employee firewood fulfil with respect to drag in. Chief delegate Wu Moliang represents district of China of Hungarian Asia center, these respects, hungarian having very large dominant position, "Hungarian took a series of policy that encourage foreign investment and step. And Hungarian labour force price is for European area, quite cheap also, 1/4 what be less than Western Europe. 1/4 what be less than Western Europe.. Brand enterprise is welcomeAs we have learned, spending of consumer of middle east Europe is more have dress, shoe kind, furniture and household product, the spending of the domain such as
Span Eurasian handclasp China " shoe king " internationalization new way
"Chinese shoe line of business is receiving the class of European market. " this is a personage inside course of study the judgement to market of global shoe estate.  Regard this as the evidence of one opinion on public affairs it seems that,converse uk okwb dish ybn, left 2008 bureau, come from Italian vogue o of n of a of i of C o r (Kelianuo) VALLEVERDE (10 thousand Liweide) , as round as the Aokangji that comes from lukewarm state of Chinese energy city, the hand is pulled in Shanghai. According to the agreement: Ao Kang group obtains right of administration of brand of VALLEVERDE whole world, brand sale and product make its whole world be run independently by Ao Kang entirely, VALLEVERDE offers a product to develop resource, provide technical personnel and provide the support of legal respect. In addition, VALLEVERDE will assist Ao Kang group to establish research and development to design a center in its Italy headquarters, offer field, equipment and the resource that make, development achievement both sides is shared. In the meantime, the store of image of first VALLEVERDE China after bilateral collaboration also is in Shanghai sea route of the Huaihe River is formal practice. Contest adds up to a perspective to defeat solution " China is made " predicamentThe Chinese shoe line of business 2007 and even unboiled water of wind of whole dress line of business rise. 100 beautiful international reach place in harbor after the success appears on the market, with one action becomes harbor to hand in a market prise the biggest inland is retail kind appear on the market company. With 1.6 billion yuan buy Sendaji after the group, 100 beautiful take out 1 / of 4 prepare market fund to raise one class market of domestic to have lead and enlarge 23 class market to have rate, from high-grade to intermediate, arrive from the profession recreational,air max sklep ipus infd bgp, hit out to athletic the whole line from vogue. Right now, become Beijing the Ao Kang that Olympic Games skin provided product supplier 2008, finishing " western found a capital " , " the south builds a wall " , " mid open a market " after home invests deep ploughing of layout and shoemaking industry catenary,导入空标题, also deliver the view to the whole world. From 20 century since 80 time, the centre of gravity of world shoe line of business turns to far east from Europe and North America. The concentration that chinese mainland becomes industry of world shoe line of business to transfer the ground. At present China already was country of production of

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